Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 07

Christmas Eve at the Bairs. 17 weeks

Nick making a belly. lol

This makes me laugh. goofball.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bigger Every Day

The belly amazingly gets bigger everyday. Noticeably bigger. It's pushing up now and is looking more and more like a ball. It's not as hard as a ball yet but it's looking like one. No one is really arguing that I'm showing at this point, in fact people are suddenly letting me go first and what not. That doesn't happen much here in York. Do I look that big? lol My husband even opened my car door after we went to a basketball game. And as a side note he made me chicken alfredo from scratch the other night. Stuff really does taste better when you don't have to be at close range to smell it when it's cooking. Today was a really good day. I tried on one of the shirts that the other Robin from church sent me and it fits and it's cute. It's dressy. Much better than the sweatpants I've been rocking. I was meeting Melissa for lunch so I actually put some heeled boots on and wore a normal pair of my jeans. They are tight enough to stay up without the zipper and button closed and the shirts are long enough. Now if some crazy woman lifts my shirt we got problems....but I feel good looking more like myself with a basketball under my shirt. So maybe I should wear this shirt everyday. I even felt good enough today to stop into VIP to say hi to my former coworkers. lol I don't know if it's the heels or the sudden pop out (again) but my back is aching tonight....a good day though......I even got a hot fudge sundae with Mom & Dad at Friendly's. I'm really looking forward to seeing Fiddler on the Roof with the Bairs at Fulton tomorrow, oooo maybe I can try and dress up again. :) I just keep looking at my's feeling very weird to bend over. Okay try this........put a volleyball under your shirt and bend over to put your shoes on. I mean I'm not as huge as I know I will get, but there is some maneuvering that has to be done already. It feels like the balls gonna pop if I go straight down, so you bring your knees up and realize the ball is in the way, so then you start just doing some odd looking things to work aROUND the belly. Right now it makes me laugh.....I know eventually I won't laugh and I'll most likely cry but I'll try to laugh as long as I can.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Docs Appt Dec 18, 2007

This docs appt was a quick one and it went well. The babies heartbeats were 140 and 145. I gained 5.5lbs this month which she said is right on target. She said the goal is 4lbs/month. I asked her opinions on csections vs vaginal delivery and she said it will all depend on what happens at the end. If both babies are head down, then they will go ahead with vaginal delivery. If the first one is breech, they will do a csection. If the first one is head first and the second one breech then it can go either way but if I really am not set on vaginal delivery most time if either is breech they suggest a csection. She said it will also depend on the conditions of my labor and how far along I am. If I have high blood pressure or if it's too early, chances are a csection. I liked this doctor, Felicia and I'm kinda bummed that I might not see her again. They rotate you through all the docs at the practice so you have the doc that will deliver at least once. She also made the comment that my uterus has really pushed up into my stomach. I'm thinking it pushed up and out everywhere. lol

Monday, December 17, 2007

Two Healthy Babies.... A Boy & A Girl!!!

Ultrasound 16 weeks, 1 day: December 12, 2007

This has been the most exciting day so far. It was amazing to see the babies today on ultrasound (16 weeks, 1 day) and how much they have grown since 9 weeks, 1 day. They look like little people now. A friend from church did my ultrasound so that was extra special. She recorded it on video for us and gave us a bunch of pictures. While I was emptying my bladder Nick asked her if we could tell sex at 16 weeks yet. She said we should be able to and what do you know he first thing we saw on the screen was a penis. lol There was no doubt, he was making his boyhood known with a nice butt shot. I wish we had a picture of was pretty funny. He was kicking and twisting and very active. She measured all the organs and arms and legs and checked the spine brain and heart of both and everything looked great. The girl she said was very photogenic. She was laying on her side moving her hands and sucking her thumb. We got to see them move a lot since she was measuring everything. Lots of piggies moving about. You could count their fingers and toes. The girl weighs 5 oz and the boy weighs 6 oz. Their heartbeats were normal, Girl was 146 and boy was 152. The boy is on my right side head down and the girl is on my left side head up. During the ultrasound the boy was facing my back so we were getting back views and butt views. He eventually at the end turned and that's the side picture that we got. She said at this point they have everything they need, it will just all get bigger and mature from here. She said the girl even has made her reproductive eggs that she'll use throughout her life. Amazing. They have fingerprints too. The details of God's creation are just amazing. I was in awe looking at them today and got a lil teary at how cute they are. What a blessing. I really just can't wipe the smile off my face today.

Craving: Strawberry Milk!!!

Girl pics:


Boys feet:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally it Flips!

My uterus that is. :) At 13 1/2 weeks I had a day of cramping all over my belly. It actually was starting to concern me and I was gonna call the doc the next morning if it hadn't gotten any better. Next morning I woke up with a bigger belly. The doc said I would notice and I did. My back pain is WAY better and no sciatic nerve flair ups. Maybe all that was just practice for later. I've still had some episodes of throwing up but the overall sick feeling is much better. I've found that even though I eat before I go to bed that if I get sick in the morning there is nothing left in my stomach. The lil boogers eat all night apparently. I've been eating lots of bowls of cheerios. It's what I do when I can't think of what else to eat. It's crazy to think by next Christmas this house will have 2 babies in it. It seemed like June was really far away at first and now all the sudden the weeks are seeming to fly by. It's amazing all the things that are happening. The babies have their own fingerprints and nails now. They are the size of an average size fist they say. How two of them fit in there I don't know but I've got a belly to show for it now. This sunday will be 15 weeks. Soon I'll feel them kicking. :) I'll cry at the drop of a hat now. Mostly happy things on TV. The most recent have been a story where this couple won the lottery and they filled a Uhaul with gifts and delivered them to families in need. Another woman who won furnished a house for a couple who just moved into a Habitat home. Extreme makeover always gets me too. Such a sap these days.