Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bigger Every Day

The belly amazingly gets bigger everyday. Noticeably bigger. It's pushing up now and is looking more and more like a ball. It's not as hard as a ball yet but it's looking like one. No one is really arguing that I'm showing at this point, in fact people are suddenly letting me go first and what not. That doesn't happen much here in York. Do I look that big? lol My husband even opened my car door after we went to a basketball game. And as a side note he made me chicken alfredo from scratch the other night. Stuff really does taste better when you don't have to be at close range to smell it when it's cooking. Today was a really good day. I tried on one of the shirts that the other Robin from church sent me and it fits and it's cute. It's dressy. Much better than the sweatpants I've been rocking. I was meeting Melissa for lunch so I actually put some heeled boots on and wore a normal pair of my jeans. They are tight enough to stay up without the zipper and button closed and the shirts are long enough. Now if some crazy woman lifts my shirt we got problems....but I feel good looking more like myself with a basketball under my shirt. So maybe I should wear this shirt everyday. I even felt good enough today to stop into VIP to say hi to my former coworkers. lol I don't know if it's the heels or the sudden pop out (again) but my back is aching tonight....a good day though......I even got a hot fudge sundae with Mom & Dad at Friendly's. I'm really looking forward to seeing Fiddler on the Roof with the Bairs at Fulton tomorrow, oooo maybe I can try and dress up again. :) I just keep looking at my's feeling very weird to bend over. Okay try this........put a volleyball under your shirt and bend over to put your shoes on. I mean I'm not as huge as I know I will get, but there is some maneuvering that has to be done already. It feels like the balls gonna pop if I go straight down, so you bring your knees up and realize the ball is in the way, so then you start just doing some odd looking things to work aROUND the belly. Right now it makes me laugh.....I know eventually I won't laugh and I'll most likely cry but I'll try to laugh as long as I can.

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