Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Docs Appt Dec 18, 2007

This docs appt was a quick one and it went well. The babies heartbeats were 140 and 145. I gained 5.5lbs this month which she said is right on target. She said the goal is 4lbs/month. I asked her opinions on csections vs vaginal delivery and she said it will all depend on what happens at the end. If both babies are head down, then they will go ahead with vaginal delivery. If the first one is breech, they will do a csection. If the first one is head first and the second one breech then it can go either way but if I really am not set on vaginal delivery most time if either is breech they suggest a csection. She said it will also depend on the conditions of my labor and how far along I am. If I have high blood pressure or if it's too early, chances are a csection. I liked this doctor, Felicia and I'm kinda bummed that I might not see her again. They rotate you through all the docs at the practice so you have the doc that will deliver at least once. She also made the comment that my uterus has really pushed up into my stomach. I'm thinking it pushed up and out everywhere. lol

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