Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Taylor: Mom, ya know why they call it a swing set?
Me: No why?
Taylor: Cuz it has swings on it and grandma and pappy set it up. :)


{Taylor wanted to continue to do "schoolwork" outside while Luke and I went inside to make lunch, So I told her I'd be right by the window if she needed anything}
Taylor: Guys, I NEED HELP! {I peeked out and she's fine just still looking at her book}
Me: What's wrong?
{Luke instantly RUNS and gets his flip flops on and yells to her...}
{I start to walk out and Luke stops me}
Luke: MOM! I'm going to help her, she wants me, I can handle it.
{he helps her and they come running back in all excited}
Taylor: Guess what Mom? Luke came and helped me color all my number 2's blue..we did it together, wasn't that nice of him?
Luke: Yeah...she needed help so, I helped her cuz that's what God wants us to do when someone needs help. {gleaming}
{Taylor's gonna have some high expectations from a husband someday with the brother she has :)}