Monday, June 21, 2010

Potty Training

So potty training has been tricky some days ... like today.

Had them on their potties after lunch and before nap. Take them up for nap and Taylor starts saying she has to pee on the potty. (this has been happening A LOT, I'm thinking it's to prolong nap time) Anyhow....since she has been doing so well, I wanted to try taking her. NO PEE....just a grin. She then giggled and said "Funny Luke, jumping on the bed!" Yes Luke was jumping on the bed and we could hear him. So anyhow, we got back to the crib and she says she has to go again. Not this time. "Taylor, you were just on the potty, it's time for nap" says the Mommy. (me) lol So you know what's next right? Luke: Pee on the potty! sigh. So I take him and NOTHING but a GRIN. "Luke, pee or you're going back to your crib for nap." Luke {looking down at himself trying to pee} "STUCK!" he says. lol So I put his diaper back on and put him in his crib for nap. Taylor of course is whining she has to go again and Luke LOST it. He fell asleep earlier in the car, which never happens anymore, when we were running some errands this morning. He was asleep 10 mins tops....and what a mess that causes. He screamed and screamed, MOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY POTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY PEEEEEEEEEE..........over and over. After several attempts at laying him back down...It's now 3 and I finally broke down and went up and held him until he crashed. That all started at 12:45. I'm now covered in snot and tears but it's quiet...for now. :)


So on the way up to Pappy and Grandmas yesterday...Luke sees some tractors.

Luke: Tractor! Tractor Wheels! :)
Luke: {crying}
Taylor: HUKE NO! {pointing her finger at him}
Nick: Taylor, stop it, mind your own business.
Luke: SIS-SAY......NO!
Me: Luke Stop.

{for the next several minutes there was a stare down between them in silence}

Nick said it reminded him of two cats glaring each other down before fighting. Neither would look away from each other and they had some serious, not budging faces on. :)

Cracks me up.