Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Last 3 weeks

I'll spare you from the caked on snot pictures. Taylor was covered in it when she woke when this ICK started. I'd have to use a warm wash cloth and gently try to get it off so she could breathe through her nose. It started with the cold.....then Taylor's pink eye.

Still Taylor even when she's sick.

Then Luke and I got pink eye. I'll spare you from my gross pictures.


He has his moments too...see his bottom molars coming in here?

Then came Luke's ear infection.
Then Taylor's ear infection
Then high fevers for Luke...and miserable nights for us all.
And now this post viral rash and coughing.

It covers his body. The doctor called to check up on him today and I'm supposed to call in every day to report how he is. No fever so far.....he's just cranky...he slept well last night. He woke once coughing and Taylor twice.......much better then before. Lord......heal these babies up!

I just put them to nap and I pray you two nap for me.....Taylor crossed her hands then Luke did and Taylor said..."Let's Pray" so I did.....then they both repeated....."MAY MEN" Cute.