Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Snippets

{while I was making lunch}

Taylor: Luke fell down!

Luke: I fell down and hit the tractor!

Taylor: IIIIIIII kiss it!

Luke:{points to his heiney} My heiney hurts.

Taylor: {Taylor bends down, and kisses it} ALL BETTER!

Luke: Thanks Tee-ya!

{They hug}

Me: Taylor where was Luke's boo boo?

Taylor: His heiney.

{I was standing on a stool dusting}

Taylor: Mommy, be careful.

Luke: Be careful Mommy.

Me: I'm being careful, thank you.

Taylor: Mommy get down. {very concerned face}

{I got down}

Taylor: Thank you Mommy. :)

{at lunch when Luke was eating his fruit and Taylor was still eating her sandwich because she takes 100x longer to eat.}

Taylor: {looking at Luke's fruit bowl} Honey, Is there kiwi in there?

Luke: {completely ignoring her and shoving in fruit}

Taylor: {naming off each piece of fruit Luke eats} Ut! A strawberry! Ut! A grape! Ut KIWIIIIII, there it KIWI in there! MOMMY I'M DONE NOW!!!!

Me: No you're not. Eat your sandwich.

Taylor: Ut! An apple! {offering her sandwich to Luke} Honey, you wanna bite?

Me: Taylor, YOU eat it.

Luke: Honey, wanna strawberry? {offering to Taylor}

Me: Luke, no, she has to eat her sandwich.

Luke: Eat your butter and jelly!

{Taylor still eating, Luke's on potty and poops}

Luke: {running out of the bathroom} Tee-ya..come see my BIG stinky poopie!

Me: Luke she's still eating.{He was upset that Taylor didn't get to see his poopie before he flushed it, I wonder at what age that will stop?} lol


{Luke woke up and pooped in his diaper before I got to him}

Luke: I have a big poopie.

{changing Luke}
Taylor {watching} Luke had a little poopie.

Luke: No, It's a big poopie, right Mommy?

Taylor: No, It's a little poopie, right Mommy?

Me: It's a medium poopie. Not big, not little, medium.

Taylor: No, Mommy, It's little.

Luke: TEE-YA LEE BAIR.....IT'S a MEDIUM POOPIE. Right Mommy?

Taylor: It's little Luke.

Luke: {crying}

{getting them dressed}
Luke: Honey {speaking to Taylor} Awww....Look at the flower on your shirt. It's Niiiiice.