Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taylor Lee


So I'm in love with this shot I took at Taylor and it soooooooo makes me miss shooting outside. Can't wait until it gets warmer. I love this so much I actually put my watermark on it. :)

Luke got in trouble today for hitting Taylor. Nothing new. :) I've been making him sit in a certain spot and stay there until I tell him. He then gets up and runs into my arms, hugs me and kisses me on the lips. lol This was working well yesterday but today when he was sitting still... little miss thing kept walking up to him, pointing her finger at him and saying, NO! She'd then walk away and do it again and again. She also shoved him yesterday when he tried to steal a toy. She's starting to fight back and get a little tude. Already? Really?

18 Month Check Up at 20 Months

They were not happy about the shots or about getting strapped back into the stroller. :) I took this with my phone. Cute thing was Taylor got her shots first and when I put Luke on the table she got really upset. :( She kept pointing to her band aid and saying BOO BOO....OUCH! :) Luke was my little koala bear. He was checked out on my lap. Taylor had a serious glare on the whole time the doctor was in the room. He went to touch her and she turned from him with her disapproval known...then before he left she happily pointed to a poster showing him the Kitty Cat. :)

28lbs 10oz (75th percentile)
32 tall (50th percentile)

20lbs 8oz (5th percentile)
30 tall (10th percentile)

All is well. I have to get some antifungal cream to try out on a spot Taylor has that is not going away and he said to try giving her some benefiber for her constipation. Poor girl.