Monday, May 31, 2010



I'm so far behind with pictures. I just don't have the time to get to them. So I skipped a bunch and posted some from yesterday. Maybe sometime I'll get around to the tons I've never posted. :)

Cousin Halee

Cousin Jayden

Jayden & Nick

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Putting Taylor into the car yesterday... "Whooo weee Mommy it's HOT!" :)

Luke was coughing today and Taylor said, "You okay Huke?"

Luke responds to me saying Hi, "Hi Honey!" (He usually says "Hi Mommy" and I say, "Hi Honey.")

Giving Luke his steroid medicine which he doesn't like...after the first sip he makes a face and says, "Sissy's" lol

While reading a book of colors to them Taylor insisted that everything pink was "Sissy's!"


Luke was wheezing yesterday morning badly and didn't sleep well thursday night...took him to the docs...another double ear infection, trial of 2x/day preventive asthma treatment plus additional breathing treatments for healing, steroid to reduce inflammation in his airway and more antibiotics.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Luke & Taylor both Peed in the Potty!

I've been putting them on the potties after lunch. Taylor actually requests her potty ever since she pooped in it. Anyhow Taylor peed a few drops in it and she made a funny face and we all celebrated. Then not long after Luke's potty music started playing....his eyes got we celebrated. Taylor's potty needs batteries. Anyhow....they danced around bottomless....jumping up and down saying PEE in the POTTY YAY!!! lol Taylor kept going back and she peed 2 more times. One time was a lot. We then took the potties into the big potty and they each flushed their own pee. Very exciting stuff. haha. They love it anyhow. So I guess this journey has begun. No turning back now. Back to being peed on again. (yes I got peed on in the process of Taylor running to her potty) I'm thinking this operation needs to move to the bathroom. It's going to be a long, messy, interesting process....I have the feeling. :) Here goes. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010


Last night Taylor was dipping her spoon into Luke's applesauce and eating it. He was giggling like crazy and saying "SISSY NO"...and giggling. This was super cute until she finished his applesauce and then tried scooping her applesauce in his plate to eat......then it got messy. She's really been into feeding him lately.

New craze.....sweet bologna and cheese. Taylor actually asks for it. baa-oni and cheese. :)

Cutest words from Luke: ALMOST.....when he misses a basket. He was saying this yesterday when he was watching volleyball and the ball would hit the net. :) He's very good with context. Another adorable thing he says is TRACTOR WHEELS. (I have no idea how to explain how he says it but it's super cute)

Taylor has been wanting to wear certain things and requesting them in the morning. She wanted to wear a new bathing suit. lol She's also been requesting to have her nails painted. :/ What did I start? :)

I went to the bank this morning and HAD to stop by McD's for breakfast. Miss Taylor somehow realized that this is where the french fries came from when I gave them a few at home last time I went. Or else she saw a picture....not sure but she had a complete melt down....screaming FENCH FIES! Looks like I passed along the addiction. hmm

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poopy in the Potty

Taylor went poopy in the potty for the first time today. I was even video taping. They were saying penis and it was cracking me up so I started taping and Taylor went! :) She is oh so very excited. She keeps saying "poopy, potty, good girl, YAY!" lol

Now how disciplined will I be about this potty training deal. :/

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Luke and Taylor got their first veggie tale video and when I turned it on....Luke grabbed his tractor and his basketball and ran for me screaming....he was terrified. :/ He's good now though although he won't let Taylor near the TV. It might get her. :)

Friday, May 7, 2010


Great Day

After yesterday, today seems extra cute. Let's just say they wanted to kill each other over their new toy. (see below) There was pushing each other off the stool....throwing of crayons and lots of screaming. :/ Then Taylor screamed for a good hour and a half and refused to nap because she wanted her Mommy. sigh. That's super hard for me. I go in and make sure she didn't go to the bathroom and isn't hurt...she grabs onto me and clings and then I have to pray her off and she SCREAMS! This has seemed to have gotten way worse since I went away this past weekend. So I'm loving. :)

This morning Taylor was again completely naked in her crib. "Hi Mommy" she says with a huge grin...then she proceeds to sing and act out Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. lol

Then they started feeding each other Cheerios. They were giggling and saying "yummy yum yum." lol

Luke was then hugging and kissing Taylor's new stuffed puppy and petting it and saying..."Awwww....Nice Puppy." :)

Then he was petting Taylor's hair and saying ..."Awww...Nice Sissy."

Then I got a package in the mail... (from my mom) It was 2 dozen roses and some chocolates that said, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy, Love you, Luke and Taylor." Taylor has been insisting on smelling them all day and saying "mmmmm pretty" and "Mommy's flowers." :)

Then Taylor asked me to paint her nails. :) She said, "Nails Pink Mommy"...and .."UT OH" (because they aren't pink anymore)....and kept repeating it. So I painted her nails and that she LOVES. She holds them out and says "OOOoooOOOooo....Nails Pink."

Taylor came up to me and said she had to poopy. So I grabbed the potty and sat her on it. Nothing for a half an hour. So I think she's playing me so I put her diaper back on to make lunch and I hear her...."Oh Gosh...Mommy......Poopy." That's the second time that happened. So, I changed her and put the poopy in the potty and she was so very excited about that. lol Then I thought I'd take her to flush it in the big potty...well she completely MELTED....Screaming.....NOOOO.....poopy buh byes......and cried. Didn't realize she'd be that attached and it would be so dramatic. lol Maybe I'll let her flush next time.

Lunch time Taylor started "chair dancing" to the radio....a song she likes. She then said to Luke, "C'mon Dance Luke!" and she kept breaking it down. lol

Then we just had a tickling session. All 3 of us bumped our heads and got boo boo's at the end of that. lol but fun none the less.

I went to take them up for nap and Luke says, "C'mon Tee-Yah" and took Taylor's hand and helped her up.

I LOVE these kind of days.

I'll see if I can add some video and pic later.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy 2 Luke & Taylor! {May 6th}




May 6th 2008

It was here when I saw them...that I experienced a small taste of what God's love for us is like.



Daddy holding Luke for the first time.

Mommy holding Luke for the first time.

Mommy holding Taylor for the first time.

Nick and Luke

First nap at home

Luke...This was a camera shot but I love it.

Celebrating two years of NOT being like this. :)

That's Taylor to the right pushing out the side. I look at this and think about how amazing God is, what miracles he created and how blessed we are. :)

Happy Birthday Luke and Taylor!
Birth Story Here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love You Mommy

I was changing Taylor and Luke comes up behind me and hugs me and says "LOVE YOU MOMMY!" Then after my reaction.....Taylor keeps hugging me and saying it over and over. :) That's a happy early mommy's day present. They've repeated Love You but never on their own. Course Taylor will copy whatever gets my attention. :)


Taylor's been saying "C'mon Mommy....sit" pointing to where she wants me to sit and read to her.......and "C'mon Mommy...GET!"...and nudging me to go!

oh and she just said MERCY! to Luke. lol