Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th 2008

It was here when I saw them...that I experienced a small taste of what God's love for us is like.



Daddy holding Luke for the first time.

Mommy holding Luke for the first time.

Mommy holding Taylor for the first time.

Nick and Luke

First nap at home

Luke...This was a camera shot but I love it.

Celebrating two years of NOT being like this. :)

That's Taylor to the right pushing out the side. I look at this and think about how amazing God is, what miracles he created and how blessed we are. :)

Happy Birthday Luke and Taylor!
Birth Story Here.


dawn said...

happy happy birthday to your sweet babies! it is hard to believe that they are already 2 and oh how they have grown!! enjoy celebrating the two amazing lives God has blessed you with!!

Abbi said...

happy bday to your sweet babies!

Tuğra'nın Annesi Emine said...

happy birthday Luke&Taylor :)

Campbell Family of 5 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wonderful memories, can't believe how fast they grow!