Saturday, March 9, 2013


{An hour after bedtime}
Luke: (comes out) ya know mama, I was thinking, ya know king Nebuchadnezzar? He used to worship idols, but then he decided after what happened with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that he was gonna worship the one true God. What the world was he thinking mom? I mean, idols aren't even real and Gods like huge and very real and God could do anything and some statue just sits there. I hope he asked God to forgive him for that. Bet he tore down the idols then and worshiped the one true God, huh?
Taylor is seriously the MOST encouraging person I've ever met and thoughtful person I've ever met. She's constantly saying, great job mama, Olivia you did it!, you're good at that Luke, on and on... She has things ready for me before I even think to ask, gets diapers, wipes, bibs, if she sees I'm going to cut up something she gets the cutting board out...all day long... As I'm walking out the door... Mama, do you have your keys? Don't forget your phone! She seriously shares things especially food no questions asked. she gives me her last piece of a special treat, we always tell her... its for YOU! I love her to pieces. Some days her little lack of focus and attitude drive me nuts but wow im so thankful she is an amazing little girl.
I asked Luke and Taylor to match socks while I vacuumed, they were dancing back and forth from the laundry basket to their matched pile singing the song they made up about heaven. I'm pretty sure every time they sing it that make it up on the spot but they take turns singing and sing all they know about heaven and how they can't wait to live there with jesus someday. {love when moments like this happen following a very frustrating dinner of complaining and taking 2 hrs to eat, thank you Jesus! Lol}
As Olivia blows snot bubbles she's intently watching Taylor's nutcracker performance.. Taylor runs into her room for all the props she needs for different dances. She's legit, doesn't mess around. All or nothing. Lol
Before bed conversations w Luke and Taylor are the best. I often hear Taylor singing to Jesus until she falls asleep and tonight and came out to tell me she was talking to God and looked up at him and said she loved him THIS MUCH {stretching out her arms as wide as she could} and she said she asked him to heal her running nose for ballet tomorrow. :) Luke's conversations often consist of him ironing out what's right and what's wrong and they often consist of talking about how big, fast, strong and all knowing god is and how he's always right with us. I am so blessed to watch their faith and blessed to see them loving and knowing God more each day.
Luke is hitting himself in the head w a ball and falling over to make Olivia laugh and she's laughing hysterically at him.
Luke and Taylor went to pray before we started school and Olivia folded her hands just like them and they both yelled, mama! Olivia's praying for the first time!!!! To which Olivia started squealing. #lovemykids
(Sweet sound) Taylor's been singing to Jesus as she falls asleep for nap and at night. :) last night was away in the manger.
(Sweet sound) Hearing Luke and Taylor talking about bible stories and looking at bibles together.
Kids are learning today about things that God created vs things that people made.
Me: Who made a house? God or people?
Luke and Taylor: God!
Me: Why do you say that?
Luke: Cuz God made the trees that made the wood that made the house and God made people who built it.
Taylor: yeah God made EVERYTHING!!! Cuz we couldn't make anything without him!
(Well I've def driven home that everything comes from God. :))
{car} Luke: Ask me what 10+10+10 is. 30!
Me: what's 10, 4 times?
Kids: 40!
Me: 10, 5 times?
Kids: 50!
So on and so on.... Then...
Me: what's 10, 2 times?
Taylor: tooty!
(Busting out laughter)
Luke: that sounds like booty!!!
Bahahahah (crazy kids)
I love that Luke and Taylor insist on praying over Olivia before bed. So sweet. They always thank God for her and pray she gets good sleep, that angels watch over her and protect her and other things get added in like for her to love god w all her heart, and for protection spiritually, mentally and physically, for her to become a beautiful princess for God, etc.
After lots of hunting for an area rug we found one at Lowes. So then the question was how do you get an 8x10 rug in the car with three kids? Had to unwrap and unroll it in the parking lot and fold it up. Lol Then as I'm moving furniture around and figuring out how I want it, I was hot so I took my sweater off so i had a tank on. The kids go into their rooms and put what they call muscle shirts and shorts on to help me move furniture. They came out flexing telling me they were ready to help. :)