Tuesday, August 10, 2010


(from at the beach and this week)

Taylor: OHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOODNESS, Mommy, Look! {when she saw a bunch of sea shells in one spot}

{Luke peeing in potty}
Taylor: GOOD BOY LUKE! All Right! Good Boy! Luke Good Boy Mommy!

{while "napping"}
Luke: High Five Tee-ya! YAY!
Taylor: High Five Luke! YAY!
Taylor: Luke, wanna french fry? Here!
Luke: Thank you Sissy! Wanna drink?
Taylor: Thank you Luke! Good boy Luke, All right, Good job!

{convo on the zoo}
What did you see at the zoo?
Luke: Tractors, big camels, big tigers, cows.
Taylor: I don't like the goose! {squinting and throwing hands up} Luke doesn't like the goose either! I liked the donkeys, the donkeys were nice...they went eeee haw eeee haw. The donkeys were funny. {giggle giggle}

{THUMP, crying}
Taylor was able to climb out of her pack and play. She didn't try it again.

{Luke over and over while we were there}
Luke: I'm going to the BEACH!

{when we got back}
Luke: I'm going to the BEACH! {trying to walk out the door}
Taylor: Luke, we're home.

{Luke woke up crying, convo from their cribs}
Taylor: It's okay honey. It's okay Luke. Mommy I rub his back.
Luke: Sissy, STOP IT!

{Ali heard something fall and barked}
Taylor: It's okay Buddy! {walked over to pet him on the head}

{rocking on the rocker together and singing songs before nap}
Taylor: Luke, your hand goes HERE! {putting his hand in hers to hold}