Thursday, September 2, 2010

The New Haircut

He's so proud of how good he was with getting his haircut. He was happy to pose and cheese for me. Seriously....I know he's mine but this smile is contagious. :)

Mommy's Shoes

These are the shoes that I got at the beach that Miss Taylor does NOT like. Luke however is quite fond of them. :)


Taylor's fav song right now. video here. She LOVES it. She bobs her head in the car and says...MOMMY I like this song and talks about how soft her hair is when she's flipping it every where. lol

Potty talk today.
{Luke poops a little bit, stands up and looks}
Luke: {upset} I wanna BIG poopy. {sits back down}
Taylor: AWW MAN! try again Luke.
Luke: Sissy stop it.
{Later after Luke goes more}
Luke: MOMMY look...I big poopied!
Taylor: {Inspecting it} OH MY GOODNESS....GOOD BOY LUKE!

{Taylor still sitting on the potty while Luke is done and running around playing}
Taylor: LUKE C'ERE!!!!! {repeat as many times as it takes increasing in volume and adding NOW here and there}
Luke: WHAT?
Taylor: Bring me myyyyyyyyyy........{thinking} BLOCK!
Taylor: LUKE C'ERE!!!!! {repeat as many times as it takes increasing in volume and adding NOW here and there}
Taylor: Bring me myyyyyyy........bunny! {on and on}

Taylor: {whispering} Luke......c'mere.
Luke: {skoots his potty over to sit across from her}
{hugs and kisses}


45 mins and counting of screaming from Taylor saying "GET IT OFF ME, I DON'T LIKE IT"...why you ask? I tried BJ's diapers. Apparently they don't meet her standards. uke liked them at first when he saw them because they had stars on them....he started singing tinkle tinkle little star but then he decided he didn't like them once Taylor flipped out. He's' over it.....she's not. lol She even kicked the pack of diapers when she walked by it.

Strained a ligament in my foot. Ridiculous. Sooo thankful it's my left and doesn't keep me from driving. Have a super sexy shoe to wear and Taylor immediately told me "I don't like the shoe Mommy." I don't like it either Miss Thing. She thinks she's the go to girl now...last new pair of shoes I got she said she didn't like and she turns her nose up whenever I wear them. She however likes certain shirts I wear and complements me on those. She also has opinions on my hair. lol She doesn't always like what I put on her....seriously? She's TWO!

Luke got a hair cut without crying AT ALL. :) A little whining and no cape but hey sitting with Daddy without me in sight is working! Taylor had to stand on my knees and watch the whole time. When we told her Luke was gonna get a hair cut she got a very concerned look on her face and said.....Luke cries for haircut. lol They are VERY into the lollipops afterwards. :) Taylor keeps telling Luke his haircut is NICE and she keeps touching it and saying it's soft. :)