Sunday, March 1, 2009


Taylor's been saying Maamaa all the time now. It's so darn cute. She screams it too. lol She said Mama and Dada on the same day when experimenting. She's on the Mama kick right now with a Dada here and there. She's getting better at repeating the sounds which is pretty cool too. Her hair is typical's after a pony tail the day before...or after daddy washes it.

After how this week has gone...I need this cuteness. Taylor started with a goopy eye of yellow thick gook. Took her to the doc the next day and it of course looked a lot better by that time, she had a mild fever too. He gave me a prescription for pink eye in case it got worse again and gave me order to keep cleaning it and massaging her tear duct. Then, Luke got a running nose and fever. They've both had the runs on and off, I'm guessing from their new appearing teeth. Luke's been fussy on and off and I was up with him the night before last from 1-5am. He was super upset. Tylenol wasn't helping. I ended up putting the swing beside our bed and manually rocking him until he fell alseep. He's too heavy for the swing to move via battery. lol Stinks for me. Taylor's been waking on and off crying but she's really doing well at soothing herself back to sleep. She cuddles her bunny and finds her pacifier. They both seem to have sore throats, not having a normal appetite. Doesn't keep them from screaming though. Nick and I both have had headaches and their screaming was getting me a little stressed yesterday. It was the 3rd fussy day in a row and I was tired. I was glad to get a little break last night when I ran a few errands and they slept well last night. Sleep for mom and dad can make all the difference in the patience level. :) It's times like the video above that make it all worth it.

Nick also got some news at work that will affect us financially. Cuts here and there and insurance increases...normally it wouldn't be a big deal. I mean no one loves when those things happen but things are tighter than we've been used to and every little penny means more to us now. We both were emotionally drained. We try so hard to make ends meet and Nick works really hard and some things you just can control. We know God will provide what we need. He always has. We had a financial planner look at things for us and to no surprise our expenses are a lot higher than our income. A LOT, like 12,000/year higher. Seeing that in RED kinda put things into reality. We hadn't added my freelance income into the mix because we didn't want to rely on it. It's not consistent and Nick didn't want me to feel pressured to have to work X in order to pay bills. Well......this is how God provides. I added up my freelance for the year and I made about two hundred more than that deficit. Seriously...God provided just what we need. We keep trusting he'll keep doing that as we try to make smarter decisions on how we spend God's money and how we handle what he gives us. God is good.....ALL the time.