Friday, September 17, 2010


{after nap, walk upstairs to find Taylor with two handfuls of Luke's nerf football ripped to tiny pieces and covering her criba and floor}
Luke: MOMMY........{pointing} Sissy.......NO NO RIP IT! MY FOOTBALL!!!!!
Taylor: {smirk}

Wondering if he'll learn not to throw his balls into her crib?


{Luke helping himself to Taylor's ketchup}
Taylor: No Luke. Luke look at me! Stop dipping my ketchup. {Luke continues}
{repeat over and over until Mommy goes insane :)}

Luke: Look! It's a big bus!
Taylor: Honey, it's a little bus.
Luke: NO, it's a BIG bus!!!
Taylor: Honey, no it's a little bus.
{it was a little bus}

{Luke kicking Taylor under the table}
Taylor: Stop it Luke, get off...keep your feet to yourself.
{Luke seriously can NOT keep from touching and pestering Taylor 24/7}

Luke has been pretending to be a hairdresser and cutting and styling Taylor's hair. She puts up with it until he starts yanking it hard.