Monday, August 24, 2009

The Park

We took a few quick pictures with us and Luke and Taylor.......they were ready to go...and by go I mean they wanted to run in the grass.....they screamed and cried when we left the park but we did manage to get two good shots. More swing shots to come.

Aunt Kim's Birthday

Luke with his new friend Lauren. She's about a month older.

Nick playing ball with Lauren and Luke

Love Lauren's hat. Such a cutie.

Taylor LOVES the puppy dog Buster.

I love this shot...

Luke practicing his block out skills.


Lauren and Luke...he's not so sure about her...especially when she gets near his ball.

Loves any ball!

You're not gonna take my ball are you?

You'd look great in my hat Luke.

He wasn't thrilled...

Blocking out again. lol'd this hat get on again?

Lauren relaxing

peek-a-boo with Taylor

Taylor with Aunt Kim

Uncle Mick letting Luke splash in some water.

Love the rolls in Luke's back. lol...and Miss Taylor with her flower

A blade of grass for YOU mommy.

Luke being a boy.

Luke attracting the ladies with his piano skills.

My favorite shot of the day. Lilly is Lauren's sister. Isn't she precious?

Taylor playing piano. She loved it.

Cracks me up how he puts his thumbs down his pants. He does this a lot.