Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Taylor picked up a one dollar bill off my desk and says...this looks like grandpa! :) lol Then she said...Mom.......this money is ADORABLE and it's crunchy!!!! lol


Luke: When I was little (he means when he grows up) I wanna be a basketball player, baseball player, football player, tennis ball player, golf ball player, volleyball player, and soccer ball player.

Me: Taylor, what do you wanna be?

Taylor: A ballerina, a ballerina, and a ballerina.

Me: Anything else?

Taylor: nope.


Taylor is making up her own worship music lol...she was just singing this: I'm not the same anymore....the Lord is my Shepherd......I have Everything I need! When I'm afraid...I will trust you Jesus! Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia! I have 5 loaves and two fish but you can have them!!!! I'm singing to you Jesus!!!!