Thursday, February 17, 2011


{making lunch and I hear a THUD and Taylor squealing}
Taylor: MOMMY!
Me: What happened?
Luke: I was just wrestling her.
Me: Luke, you can't wrestle your sister.
Luke: I'm sorry for wrestling you Taylor.
Taylor: Thank you.
Luke: Do you forgive me?
Taylor: Yea.
Luke: Thank you sissy, you're so nice. I love you THIS MUCH! {holding out his arms}
Taylor: Mommy, Luke LOVES ME!


Luke: Sissy...I'll pull out your chair for you.
Taylor: No Luke, I don't want you to pull my chair out.
Luke: Sissy, don't be a grouch.
Taylor: I am NOT a grouch.


{walking in this morning and Luke had his pj's off}
Taylor: Mommy, Luke took his clothes off!
Me: Luke, Are you supposed to take your clothes off?
Luke: I DIDN'T take my clothes off, I took my PJ's off.