Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Luke & Taylor both Peed in the Potty!

I've been putting them on the potties after lunch. Taylor actually requests her potty ever since she pooped in it. Anyhow Taylor peed a few drops in it and she made a funny face and we all celebrated. Then not long after Luke's potty music started playing....his eyes got big...lol...and we celebrated. Taylor's potty needs batteries. Anyhow....they danced around bottomless....jumping up and down saying PEE in the POTTY YAY!!! lol Taylor kept going back and she peed 2 more times. One time was a lot. We then took the potties into the big potty and they each flushed their own pee. Very exciting stuff. haha. They love it anyhow. So I guess this journey has begun. No turning back now. Back to being peed on again. (yes I got peed on in the process of Taylor running to her potty) I'm thinking this operation needs to move to the bathroom. It's going to be a long, messy, interesting process....I have the feeling. :) Here goes. :)


Annie said...

Good job, kids!!!!

Abbi said...

that's great!! good job!!