Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finally it Flips!

My uterus that is. :) At 13 1/2 weeks I had a day of cramping all over my belly. It actually was starting to concern me and I was gonna call the doc the next morning if it hadn't gotten any better. Next morning I woke up with a bigger belly. The doc said I would notice and I did. My back pain is WAY better and no sciatic nerve flair ups. Maybe all that was just practice for later. I've still had some episodes of throwing up but the overall sick feeling is much better. I've found that even though I eat before I go to bed that if I get sick in the morning there is nothing left in my stomach. The lil boogers eat all night apparently. I've been eating lots of bowls of cheerios. It's what I do when I can't think of what else to eat. It's crazy to think by next Christmas this house will have 2 babies in it. It seemed like June was really far away at first and now all the sudden the weeks are seeming to fly by. It's amazing all the things that are happening. The babies have their own fingerprints and nails now. They are the size of an average size fist they say. How two of them fit in there I don't know but I've got a belly to show for it now. This sunday will be 15 weeks. Soon I'll feel them kicking. :) I'll cry at the drop of a hat now. Mostly happy things on TV. The most recent have been a story where this couple won the lottery and they filled a Uhaul with gifts and delivered them to families in need. Another woman who won furnished a house for a couple who just moved into a Habitat home. Extreme makeover always gets me too. Such a sap these days.

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