Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hot Fudge Sundaes Never Tasted So Good

Seriously, I think I could eat a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds or Dairy Queen about any ole time of day. Something about the warm gooey fudge on the cold ice cream. I could have more healthy cravings I suppose. I'm not really craving raw veggies or anything. Chef Boyardee pizzas pretty much rock though. The cheap ones you made as a kid. Crust extra thin, well done and crunchie with only the sauce and sprinkle cheese on it. YUM. I know Nick is sick of eating it and he's gotta add his own cheese but I think he enjoys my pleasure in eating a 1/2 pie on my own.

Can anyone actually drink 8 glasses of water a day? I've tried bottled, with lemon, with lots of ice and I mean I like water but 8 glasses?? The doctor says it's especially important to drink while I'm pregnant and they say (the infamous THEY) that especially with twins that you need lots of extra fluid for two sacs of fluid to stay healthy. That makes sense. I'll tell ya though I've never been a drinker. I mean I can finish a whole dinner with only a sip or two of something unless I am intentional. I have learned that Juicy Juice is the only juice worth drinking nutritionally. So if I'm gonna drink, I better make it count. Other juice is nothing but sugar and weird other ingredients. I learned this on Discovery Health of course. lol

Peanut butter and apples used to be my love and I have no desire for them anymore. The celery switch up wasn't that much more encouraging. Kinda sad, protein is a hard one. I have a bunch of yogurt in the fridge, do I want it? Not so much. Oatmeal has dropped on my list as well. It used to taste so good until it comes out your nose while puking. That's actually what happened with the Papa Johns Pizza. I could barely type that without gagging. Toothpaste is better than it is before which is a blessing for us all.

Having a cold isn't very fun during pregnancy. Can't drug yourself up at all. Saline nose spray is about it. Even that I called the OBGYN about and they told me to call a pharmacist to make sure. The pharmacist told me to call my OBGYN. No one wants to tell you anything is okay during pregnancy. I've found that out.

My Aunt Linda sent me a video that was hilarious. It was a dog and a baby. Check it out:

Makes me laugh, I could so see Ali doing that to try to get attention. I was thinking today, I don't know who will be more disappointed to not be the child anymore, Nick or Ali. I don't think Nick will ever grow out of that though. He wants to get a ping pong table. Which would be cool but we have no room for it and I'm thinking we're not gonna have time to play once they babies are here. He's got it all figured out. Him and the pastors son were talking and we could buy it and put it in their basement so Nick could go over there and play with Jordan. I said and what about the and the babies could come over and watch us. I think it's gonna change our lifestyle more than Nick can imagine right now. :) Good but different.

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