Thursday, November 22, 2007

Docs Appt/Thanksgiving

We had a docs appt on Wednesday. (12 weeks 3 days)
No ultrasound yet, but we did get to hear the babies heartbeats again. One was beating at 152 and the other she said was 7 beats different. It was neat how easy it was for them to find them. She just touched my belly on one side and we heard the one and on the other side we heard the other. She said it's easy to find since I'm thin.

The doctor examined me and was suprised to find that my uterus is STILL tilted to my back. My backpain seems to get worse and worse everyday and I asked her if that was why. She said it's definately putting pressure on my back and the other pain I described to her she said was sciatic nerve pain. ALREADY? What is the world is it going to be like once I'm big? She said it shouldn't be long until it tilts forward into the normal position and that I would definately notice. She said then my backpain will be because my belly will make me off balance. She said my uterus is already big enough to be pushing up and out at the top of my stomach which I've started to notice.

An extra pillow for my legs and laying on my side have been blessings. I've been puking less (thank you lord!) I do still experience an overall blah feeling all day but I'm hoping that gets better every day.

Thanksgiving was awesome! Great food and eating all day is right down my alley. It's strange to have people gazing at my that how big breasted women feel? lol We ate lunch at the Fetrows and dinner at the Matthews. It was extra special this year because Ann came up with her family from NC. I wish she wasn't so far away, I just love her and she reminds me of my Grandma since her mom was Grandma's sister.

That's one thing I think about from time to time. How I wish my grandparents were still alive to see me pregnant. How I wished I could ask Grandma McGlaughlin was it was like when she was pregnant. (since I'm so much like her) I never thought to ask those questions and I wish I could see them as excited as my parents and Nick's parents are. I guess this pregnancy stuff makes you more emotional then normal. At the Matthews, I watched my cousins kids ride scooters around and around and I remembered doing that as a kid at grandmas only on old bikes and peddle tractors. How time flies by. It was hilarious to see my cousins tell their kids to slow down and be careful, when I remember what little speed demons they were as kids. I got to talk to my cousins wife, Heather who has 5 year old twins and that was really neat just to be able to talk to her and know someone else survived it and now they have beautiful healthy 5 year old girls.

I had a dream last night that I had a boy by c-section and they left the girl in because she wasn't done yet and they were going to take her out later. That's my first pregnancy related dream. I think going to the bathroom in the middle of the night keeps me from my dreaming.

I'm ready for bed. 10 hrs is what I seem to need these days. :)

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