Sunday, November 18, 2007

Retreat & VA

Thank the Lord the retreat was awesome! I'm soooo glad I went and God kept me from puking the whole weekend! Actually I haven't puked since the day before the retreat.....whoohooo.

Speaking of cars.......we got another one and I sadi goodbye to the cougar. We got a Ford Explorer Limited and I love it. It got it's use quickly. We took it up with kids to Bedford County for the retreat and then to VA. I will say riding in the car is killer for my back. I plan to ask the doctor what is up with this back pain already.

Nick had a seminar in Richmond VA and his work said I could go along with. Fun right? It was actually but I took my laptop down there to get some freelance done and BAM, my laptop won't start, it died. Was very sad. So I ended up watching Discovery Health and Fight Girls for 2 days in a hotel. We decided to stay an extra night and day down there and drive down to VA beach and see Nick's sister Jody. It was fun seeing her in her element and we're glad we got the chance to go down and see her.

We got some good news from Nick's brother while we were in transit. Tony's girlfriend Tracy is expecting as well and she is due the same week as I am. Crazy! Gonna be Bair babies all over the place come may/june. lol

Now that I'm home I'm exhasted! Over this last 2 weeks, my belly popped out!!! My pants are tight and I feel like normal shirts just make me look fat in the middle. lol I got some maternity-like stuff which makes me look like there is a reason for the sudden belly.

I have a docs appt this wednesday, I'm ready, it seems like it's been awhile since the last one.

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