Thursday, July 29, 2010


Taylor pooped IN the potty BEFORE nap. After the last few days......that's exciting news to me. :)
Major celebrating round here. Luke's been doing really well today, actually going to his potty and standing there when he has to pee...still going in his diaper too but it's a step in the right direction.

Taylor: Mommy! Luke fart...Luke, say excuse me!

later at lunch...{fly was flying around and I was shooing it}

Taylor: Mommy, don't hurt the fly, be nice.
{fly lands on her bunny, who was "watching" us eat from the table}
Taylor: NO FLY! (pronounced FWY) Leave Bunny Alone! Be Nice Fly!

{We got a new couch and chair today}
Luke: {the whole time during their delivery} Mommy, it's a new couch. Mommy, it's a new chair.
Taylor: WOW! Couch NICE. WOW!

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