Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So mister and miss territorial have been switching. Taylor asked if she could sit in Luke's high chair and normally the thought of accidentally switching anything (bibs, silverware, cups, plates, etc) sends them into screaming my shock she asked, he agreed and they actually have been asking to sit in each others high chairs ever since. Weird.

They've been asking if they can cuddle each other and pray in the same crib lately so I put Taylor in with Luke until we're done praying and them back in her crib she goes. Tonight, she said she wanted to sleep in Luke's crib. He said he didn't wanna cuddle, he wanted to sleep in her crib. So I thought, what the heck, switched their stuff. Luke gets ALL cozy in Taylor's crib with a big grin. Taylor is enjoying Luke's music box so I say good night and wonder how long until Miss Taylor starts to scream. I'd say 2 mins tops. I want MY CRIB. GET HIM OUT! lol I doubt the crib switch will ever really happen. Who knows though.
Taylor: Mommy, I love you missy missy. (I tell her I love her sissy missy)

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