Friday, February 20, 2009

Doc's Appt, NO Taylor, Crazy Girl Standing, Big Momma's Boy

Babies had their 9 month appointment today and NO SHOTS! That was nice. They got a little glucose test prick in the finger but they didn't even cry from it and Luke was fascinated with his band aid. Taylor thought about crying and really wanted her finger back but she was easily distracted. (imagine that)

Official weigh ins:

Weight: 25lbs 11oz (97%) Big Boy
Length: 28.5 (75%)
Head Cir: (50%)

Weight: 17lbs 8oz (25%)
Length: 26.25 (10%)
Head Cir: (10%)

Doctor said they are doing great, growing at a good rate. He encouraged us to start table foods. (this should be good since they hate texture) They did do better tonight though. They had some pasta casserole, rice crispies and cheerios. Luke liked the pasta with the tomato and cheese on it even though he made a yuck face he'd open his mouth for it. Taylor spit everything out that we put in but she was trying to get cherrios in herself. Just wasn't successful yet. At least I'm seeing some interest now. Doctor also gave us a prescription for flouride drops since our district doesn't have it in the water. (I had no idea)

This is the look I get when I say NO Taylor. (hmm...are you sure Mom?)

She's standing all the time now.

Luke watching...Wow...that sissy of mine does amazing things.

We have become human jungle gyms of Taylor's


She loves digging through the toys.

This boy needs to walk before he gets any heavier. lol


Vanessa said...

My little shrimp will be three July 31st and Luke weighs a few ounces more than her!! LOL!! You children are gorgeous and I'm glad their appointment went well!

Abbi said...

i loved the 9 month check because NO shots!! what a blessing! just be ready for 1 yr. old shots!!!
glad to hear they're doing great!
he is a big boy!!!
i love it!! babies need to have a little meat on there bones!!! my little girl does!!!