Saturday, February 21, 2009

Consignment Baby Clothes

I'd say about 90% of Luke and Taylor's clothes are used except for Christmas gifts. Mostly consignment. I get onsies and socks new and a pair of sweatpants here and there on clearance of course...but almost everything they have is used. Come to think of it...I don't know that I have ever bought them a single piece of clothing that was not at least marked down. Luke has gone through clothes like crazy because of how big he is. I just can't imagine buying new clothes. I'm cheap. (plus we just don't have it) The funny thing is I LOVE Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, and Gymboree...I just find those brands at consignment and get the best of both worlds. Luke needed some long sleeve tees and sweats and I also get a few items for Taylor for summer and with 12 items all name brand I paid $30. So for those of you who buy brand new and then take your clothes to consignment....THANK YOU! Keep it up...because I'm loving it and the babies are rocking your used clothes. :)

Luke is really into his tongue right now.

Taylor with her snoot look.

Taylor always wants what Luke has...and for now...she almost always wins.

They love this bucket and shapes I got them. Luke loves the bucket and Taylor loves dumping it.

And she's off...

Climbing over everything including Daddy.

Happy girl.

He's so sensitive. :)

Luke grabbing my hand cuz he wants to stand. (all the time)


jag said...

Let me start by saying, Lukes eyes MELT MY HEART! You know, they will be key in getting out of trouble in the future. Second, those are some well dressed youngins! I have been itching to get to the consignment store. It's just tough to find the time. I have come to the realization that there is absolutely NO reason to buy new toys for the kids. You should see their new/used entertainer. THEY LOVE IT!

Pembelinin Mutfağı said...


İkisinde göz renkleri ne kadar güzel, maaşallah nazar değmesin.

Rachael said...

i love consignment shopping!

Bethany said...

I just came across your blog and your twins are adorable!! The verse you have at the top of the page is one of my absolute favorites :)

Joan said...

Hi Robin!

I've passed on an award to you, would love if you would stop by and get it=)


Lea Liz said...

Hey girl! Well I love consignment too! Not sure if they have this consignment store where you live or not but they do here in KY and it is awesome, it is called Once upon a child. Your kids are already dressed soo cute!! Hope your doing good!!