Monday, February 7, 2011


{potty time, Luke was done but Taylor wasn't}
Taylor: Luke! Go get me a book!
Luke: Okay {runs and gets a book}
Taylor: I need another book Luke!
Luke: Okay {runs and gets a book} This is a book with sharks!
Taylor: OHH...that's a scary book, I can't read that one. Go get me ANOTHER book!
Luke: Oh okay. {runs and gets another book}
Taylor: Luke will you read it to me?
Luke: I can't.
Taylor: Yes you it to me. Be nice!
Luke: {pretends to read it to her}

Taylor wanted to wear her tutu leggings from Aunt Jody today and when she put them on Luke says, "AWWW sissy, you look SOOOO CUTE!!" and she responds with, "I AM NOT CUTE!!! I AM PRETTY!!!" {...and they continued to argue over whether she was cute or pretty, goodness.}

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