Friday, September 24, 2010


Taylor: Mommy, Luke got a haircut. {mind you he got one about a month ago}
Taylor: Luke's Handsome! His haircut is NICE.
Taylor: Luke got a Lollipop.
Taylor: I got a Lollipop TOO!
Taylor: Mommy, I wanna haircut. {She hasn't yet had a haircut}
Luke: NO, LUKE'S haircut! Sissy no haircut.
Taylor: Yes Luke, I get a haircut too!
Luke: NO NO SISSY. Luke's Haircut. Right Mommy?

{Went to the grocery store with just Taylor and a lady commented on how long and pretty Taylor's hair was}

{On the way home in the car}

Taylor: {Looking in the mirror on the headrest} My hair's LONG. My hair's PRETTY! My hair's SOFT. {shaking her head back and forth} My hair's CRAZY! :)

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