Thursday, September 30, 2010


Potty Time

{Luke pooped}
Luke: Look Mommy! It's a Mommy poopy and a baby poopy! Wow.
Taylor: It's a little poopy and a BIG poopy! Luke went poopy 2 times! Oh my Goodness!
Luke: Big stinky poopy and little stinky poopy. Wow.

{Taylor looking at bug book}
Taylor: I scared myself Mommy!
Me: What happened.
Taylor: The Bee is GROSS. I scared me! :)

{Taylor handing Luke a book}
Taylor: Luke, can you find the Aye aye?
Luke: I find the Aye aye. ummm....that's not an aye aye...that's not an aye aye....UT! I found AYE aye! Tay-Yer....see it?
Taylor: Good job Luke! Look Mommy...Luke found an Aye aye.

{Luke is now saying Tay-Yer more than Tee-ya.}

Me: {to Taylor} What's your name? Sissy Michael Bair! lol

Taylor: Mom, can I have a kiss? {kiss her cheek} Aww, Mommy...that was a nice kiss, thank you. :)

Me: Ya know, soon you guys will sleep in new big beds and not cribs anymore.
Taylor: {disgusted look on her face} I don't like new beds mommy. I like my crib.
Luke: I don't like new beds either.
Me: We don't even have new beds...but you're getting to be sooo big that you'll get big beds soon.
Taylor: I'm a little girl mommy.

Some of my favorite things about being a mom right now:

Cuddling with them right after they get a bath. :)
Watching them tell each other, Thank you, Please, Excuse me, I'm sorry, hugging and kissing, etc without being asked.
The unexpected hugs, kisses and I love you Mommy's.
Listening to them sing and talk when they wake up. Especially cute when they wake singing Jesus Loves me, Glory to God and Our God is Greater. :)

Taylor- How she wants big kisses, big squeezes, little kisses, little hugs, hands and feet kissed, back rubbed before bed.{she has many stalling methods} How she cuddles with her bunny and kitty at night. Love her raspy quiet voice. Love when she puts her hand over her mouth and laughs uncontrollably.

Luke- When he asks for a hug and a tis. lol Love how the boy says TOE-MAE-TOE (tomato). and titty tat (kitty cat). Love his gremblin giggle. Love how excited he gets to see a back hoe digging up the dirt. :) Love how every time he sees a star he breaks out singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. :) Love watching him with any ball, soccer, basketball and football. {it's def made me super quick with my hands}

I could go on forever. Love my babies who are getting way too big too fast.

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