Thursday, September 9, 2010


{while eating lunch}
Taylor: {handing me a grape} Mommy eat it.
Me: I'm full honey, you eat it.
Taylor: {scowling} Mommy DON'T pee on the chair!
Me: {laugh} I'm not peeing on the chair.
Taylor: Mommy, you're silly. Mommy peeing on the chair is funny.

(apparently since she used to say she was "full" when she had to pee that meant I was gonna pee the chair) lol

{still eating lunch}
Taylor: Mommy, I like Good Morning.
Me: You do?
Taylor: Yeah, I like Good Morning but I don't like Nigh Night.
Luke: I like Nigh Night. I like bedtime.
Taylor: I don't. I don't like Nigh Night. I like Good Morning.

(Funny since Luke is the maniac up the the morning screaming at Taylor to WAKE UP SISSY! Taylor is usually not ready to wake up so soon.)

{potty time}
Taylor: Oh it's just a little poopy. Maybe next time.
Luke: It's okay teeya. Good try.

{I was washing the floor on my hands and knees with a sponge and Taylor was grabbing and pushing my arm}
Me: What are you doing?
Taylor: I'm helping Mommy clean! :)

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