Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Didn't know poop could spray until today

Motherhood...and all that you learn....

Luke started SCREAMING.......so I go and look and it smells......so I change his diaper to relieve him and he wasn't done. Can he scream AFTER he's finished? NO. lol He farts and sprays it all over me and continues to soil the new diaper. New meaning to calling him stinker. Last night Taylor spit out formula all over my face. She's been having issues feeding all the sudden. She'll take 2 ounces and then starts spray spitting through the rest. Poor little girl has pimples all over her face and shoulders. I called the doc about it and there is nothing to do for it except to wash it with water. It looks like it hurts. They said it will go away and that it's from my hormones still being in her system.

They are hilarious in their play time. The other day Taylor kept hitting the rattle on the play gym and every time she hit it, Luke would hit her and then she would scream.......they kept playing that game over and over......was funny.

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