Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ultrasound 33 weeks, April 16, 2008

Girls profile

Girls face

Things are getting squished! The first thing we found out is that the girl has moved. She is now laying sideways with her head lower face up and feet up. Her body wraps around me kinda. It was hard to tell, the doc said she's not head down though. The boy is still in the same position head down, very low and face down. The boy was pretty calm today and they measured him easily. He is measuring 4lbs 7oz which they said is good and in the 30th percentile, he has good blood flow and a little bit of fluid left around him which they said is good. The girl however was measuring small at 4lbs. She was moving a lot and they had trouble measuring blood flow and they weren't able to get a reading on her. Her belly and thigh measured the same as the boys but her head measured small. It's the combination of the head, belly and thigh that they use to determine size. They think she is okay because her head is smooshed against the placenta. They think they weren't able to get a good measurement because of that. With the measurements they got 4lbs puts her in the 10th percentile where they start to become concerned. They scheduled another ultrasound in 2 weeks assuming I don't go into labor before then to check her again. I wish it was sooner then that but if she is having issues with blood flow they said that should show up in the stress tests which I'm having twice a week. I have another one this Friday. Karen did notice that the babies have some hair, both of them. :)

I love the high risk doctors. They are blunt and funny. I asked her about staying on this medicine and she said if I want she can have them take me off of it after 34 weeks. She said the medicine really doesn't do much to stop labor it just slows the contractions. She said if the medicine is making me feel miserable there is no reason to be on it past next week. I told her the last 2 days I've felt better, I've felt more alert and it is helping me sleep a little longer I think. Last night and the night before I was sleeping an hour at a time instead of a 1/2 hr. I just don't want to be on it if it continues to make me a zombie and dizzy. She said that it's not gonna stop labor when my cervix is ready. I asked her about vaginal delivery vs csection. I said the doc says that they will attempt vaginal delivery if both babies are head down. She laughed and said at this point they aren't both head down and in the years that she has been a consultant for the group, they have NEVER delivered twins vaginally. She said you picked the office that does csections the quickest. She said not to worry about that at all. I asked her about scheduling a csection and she said they won't schedule it until 38 weeks. She said if you go into labor and it's after 34 weeks, just ask for one. She said worst case scenerio, the operating rooms will be full and you'll have to endure some labor before they get you in. I asked her about losing weight and she said, who cares as long as the babies are fine. lol She said they will take what they need just to try and graze as much as possible but not to make myself sick trying to eat if I can't. She said it's great I'm not gaining all over and not retaining fluid. She said if they were born now they would have to spend a few weeks in the NICU but they would do great and if they get to 36 they should be good and in her opinion even 35. I told her it's just gonna be hard to know when to go to the hospital since I have a lot of contractions. She said being on the medicine might keep me from having to go to the hospital as much contraction wise but my cervix might be stubborn and might hold out til 38, ya never know. AHHHHHH. lol I don't even wanna think about that. 

The boy is having hiccups right now and I showed Nick, it's making my whole belly jump. Now I know all the "things" that have been sliding across the top of my belly are feet.......4 of them!!!  It hurts the worst when one pushes out right in the center, like where my sternum is. OUCH. I've noticed that my cat Linxx has been spending a lot of time in the nursery and I kick her out every time I see her laying in there. We noticed the other night that there was cat hair on the sheets in the crib!!! Why does she want in there? now we have to keep the door closed. :(

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