Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Miss Church- 33 Weeks

I'm doing much better adjusting to being at home. I miss church more than anything. I've been battling in my mind whether that wouldn't be considered a "docs appt" me it's more important. With Nick teaching the 2-3 year olds at the first service, I would have to drive to the second which I know isn't a good idea with how this medicine makes me feel. Then I think about the drive there, parking, walking and sitting without my feet up. I really miss worship. Tonight I'm gonna watch last weeks service on TV. Pathway now has their services online as well. click here>> I miss youth group and small group too. I miss the kids. They still keep in contact with me via cell phone and the internet but it's not the same. I think of the shut ins that can't get to church and I'm realizing how hard it is. It's something that keeps me going and without it it's much harder to stay focused and easy to get self absorbed, which always makes you feel blah. 

I was an idiot last night. I looked at the clock when I went to get up and I thought it said 2:30 and instead my pillow was in the way and it was 12:30. I took my medicine too early which freaked me out since it lowers my blood pressure. I called the doc on call to see if I should do anything and she said to just go back to sleep and to be careful getting up since I'd most likely be dizzy. I couldn't fall asleep and in about an hour I felt awful. I felt like I was floating in space, had ringing in my ears, and a headache. I will never make that mistake again. 

I'm trying to eat more since I'd lost weight, I'll tell ya though it's challenging. I'm just not hungry anymore. 

Nick was so glad when his Dad and Mom brought his boxing belt over that was MIA. The only thing it's not obnoxiously big for is my belly. lol Nick got a kick out of it anyhow. 

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