Friday, April 11, 2008

Docs Appt & Monitoring, April 11, 2008, 32 weeks

Frustrated. Emotionally and physically I'm spent. This medication is making me feel awful, my ribs are killing me and I feel like I can't breathe! I haven't had more than a 1/2 hr of sleep in weeks now. The contractions wake me up consistently. I had the babies monitored today and they are moving and shaking as usual. They had trouble finding the girl's heartbeat which had me a little worried but it ended up being low and way off onto my side. I don't know what she's doing in there. I had 2 contractions while on the monitor but that was it. My swelling went down and I'm thankful for that. :) My blood pressure was good at the docs but it changes so much depending on when I take the medicine. It's hard to tell whether it's my blood pressure or not because of the symptoms I'm having from this medicine. I'm very short of breath today and feel dizzy and my vision is strange too. My depth perception isn't right. I lost weight this time. I weighed 123. She asked me why and I told her I feel full and have so much pressure and I guess I'm not eating as much. I've throw up a few times because of the acid reflux but not enough to make me lose weight. She told me to eat every 2 hrs and try to eat lots of protein. I don't have the appetite I did there for awhile and I think feeling like a zombie isn't really helping. I asked the doctor today how long they would keep me on this medicine and she said until 36-37 weeks. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. I told her maternal fetal told me that they would let me go into labor after 34 weeks. She said they wouldn't aggressively stop it after 34 weeks. She said they also take maternal fetal's advice from what they think and see on the ultrasounds as well. The doc tried to feel what positions the babies were in but said at this point it's really hard to tell because they are tight in there. NO KIDDING! I have another stress test/baby monitor appt on tuesday and then an ultrasound on wednesday. Next docs appt is in 2 weeks. She said I can call in the meantime with any problems. Mom and Dad came down to drive me to my appt today. I don't feel like I should drive as weird as I feel. The medicine says not to as well. We ate at Mary Janes on the way back and it was nice to sit in a restaurant with them for a little. Mom brought leftovers the other night and a few friends from church dropped of some stuff for me to reheat which is really nice! That will help as far as eating some good solid food. I keep trying to focus on the babies and this is all to make them the healthiest they can be............I'll tell you what's easy for other people to say that when they aren't the one in pain without sleep, breath or energy! Lord help me, it's one of those days. :) 

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