Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tired- end of 31 weeks

The last few days are really testing me. I've had lots of contractions. They are waking me up at night now and are getting stronger. I've got the round ligament pain back at night again. I haven't slept for more than a 1/2 hr for the past few days. I'm either up to pee or with a contraction. It's so hard to know when to go to the hospital. Thursday, I was at a church meeting and I was having contractions every 10 mins that went to every 5 mins. I went home and laid down and they dwindled off. Last night however they were all over the place. I was having strong one as well as smaller ones in between the strong ones and they didn't let up when I laid down. I had them all night. I've been having sharp pain in my belly literally feels like my belly button skin is ripping from the inside. I can't get relief from it. I'm having a lot of rib pain again as well. I did take a tylenol PM at 5 am this morning and I was able to sleep until about 7. That was much needed. I've noticed all the sudden that I have all these new veins in my feet. Where did they come from? They are every where! I told Nick that I'm tired of being pregnant now. To think that I'm 2 months away from my 40 week due date is nuts. There is no way! lol I'm praying this is just one of those stretching phases and I feel better soon. At this point I can't stand without a contraction, bumps in the car are painful and I think the weight of my belly is really getting to me. Hopefully the babies are gaining what they need to to be healthy. These babies got at least 2 more weeks to stay put. I was thinking about it last night and it really has been a miracle that I've been able to carry double the weight of a normal pregnancy this long. Two normal weight babies, two placentas, two sacs full of amniotic fluid, two times the blood volume throughout my body plus the fluid gain. That's pretty amazing for a small framed 100lb body. God really blessed me through this pregnancy with being able to handle it. I honestly didn't know if I'd make it to 32 weeks. It was a big sacrifice for us financially for me to stop working but I know that was huge as far as me getting the rest I need and being able to maintain my health. I wouldn't have been able to work for some time now anyhow but I think even those early months were crucial for me to be able to take it easy.

Kicks! It's crazy how strong these little boogers are getting. I've noticed they seem to kick at the same time now so hopefully they are on a similar wake/sleep schedule. There is not as much room as there used to be and they are popping out every where and kicking hard enough to hurt. 

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