Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baby Non-Stress Test, April 22nd

The baby's non-stress test went well. They only had to get "buzzed" once. My sister took me so she got to experience hearing their heartbeats. It was kinda funny, her eyes got big when the boys got really loud and fast. It's amazing how much it can change. I only had 2 contractions the 1/2 hour I was hooked up. I had taken my medicine before I left the house and that seemed to work. I also ate some watermelon and nutter butters to try and get them moving. As soon as they hook them up lately they do nothing. They got moving toward the end of the 1/2 hour. 

Last night and today I'm having a lot of rib pain front and back and once again I feel like my belly button is ripping from the inside. Everything is so tight now, I can't seem to get relief from it no matter what I do. Deep breaths really hurt. There is just no room in there. I have another non-stress test and a docs appt on Friday...and then the ultrasound on the 30th. :) The doc made the comment "if I make it that long" and here I am still chugging along so far.

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