Saturday, April 26, 2008

Docs Appt & Non-Stress Test, April 25, 34 weeks

The non-stress test went really well. The babies were moving a lot. I had eaten some fruit chews on the way there to try and perk them up. So that was good.

I weighed in and I gained what I lost back and now weigh 126-1/2 lbs. I'm hoping that weight went on the babies so they can be ready to go. It certainly seems like it. I've been in a lot of pain the last few days and it's getting harder and harder. I told the doctor about the ripping feeling in my belly button and she said the only thing I can really do is put ice on it to numb it. whooweee. I know it's terrible to not be very positive right now but physically I'm worn and mentally I'm tired of it. My ribs front and back are very painful. The babies are pushing up higher and higher. I have no energy and even riding in the car to the docs appts is becoming more and more painful. I can't get comfortable sitting anymore, laying on my side is still the best until my hip starts to hurt and my legs go numb. It's getting harder and harder to get up out of bed. My contractions are gradually getting stronger and my stomach muscles don't work to help me up when I'm having a bigger one. I asked the doc when to know when to come in and she said at this point when they become painful and I should know when it's time. So we shall see. Nick and I told her we were ready to have the babies out and she asked if we wanted a tour of the NICU. It's so frustrating. I go to the high risk doctor and she says that it's great that I've made it this far and if I can get them to 36 weeks or even 35 that she would almost guarantee that they wouldn't spend time in the NICU, that they should be able to come home unless there are other issues with their health. The high risk doc measures the babies and even though she didn't get a measurement on the girl last time she says they are doing great and they are in the "normal range". I go to the regular doc and the first thing she says is the babies are on the small side. How big does she expect 2 babies to get inside my body? If they are 5lbs on the next ultrasound, I'm gonna be thrilled. If we get them to 5lbs, that is way more than I expected. One of my book breaks down where the weight comes from. That would be 10lbs worth of baby, 3lbs worth of uterus, 2lbs per placenta (4lbs), 2lbs amniotic fluid for each (4lbs), 2lbs worth of breast tissue, 8lbs worth of fluid volume, mother's body stores 8lbs. That's 40lbs! Now I've only gained 126-1/2 and I can tell ya my body isn't storing much, I'm not swelling and my body isn't bigger other than my belly. This 100lb body is still carrying a lot of weight. I feel like a bug with a HUGE belly and little extremities. 

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