Monday, April 28, 2008

Made it to 35 Weeks!!!

Sunday was the 35 week mark. It's crazy I keep plugging along. Waiting for something to happen. lol One of my small group girls said to "just start pushing"...she's funny.....I told her I don't think that would be a good idea. Nick came back from the first service at church on Sunday to pick me up to go to the second service. It was really nice to worship and see everyone. It's just not the same watching the sermons on TV and the Internet. It was cute, my small group girls were all excited to see me and they got to feel the babies kicking. They love that. I love to watch their expressions and watch them jump when they feel them. There is just something about teenage girls that make me laugh. Their view on the world, their lack of filter, I love it. One girl thought she saw a was my belly button. lol She's also the one who I had to explain where our belly buttons came from. It's funny.....I know they learn stuff in school but with my pregnancy they've been so excited about everything and very curious. Hopefully I've been effective in slowing them the reality of pregnancy without making them never want to have kids. lol I've been able to maintain contact with them better than anyone through texting and myspace. Communication with their generation is so much different. Easier I think. Nick thinks I'm ridiculous for not calling them but they open up through texting and the Internet and then when you talk to them in person they don't put up the front. It works as an icebreaker of sorts. 

These babies have been crazy with being up in my ribs...they are so sore from it. I'm getting a little swelling back in my right ankle.....nothing major but I guess I should watch my salt. Still having lots of contractions which I'm really tired of, they are exhausting. I really can't do much but sit which gets on my nerves. 

My friend from church broke the news to me that my belly button would never be the same. So sad....I grew to love my innie that went to an outie and now is so stretched it's almost non existent. I've now got a weird ripping mark and it's all red and sore. I've sorta been mourning my belly button through it's stages as it becomes more and more alien. 

Notice in the picture that Nick got me a shirt with "horizontal stripes". lol I know from watching "what not to wear" that that's a no no with this belly. I really appreciated him getting me a few shirts to wear though. I could wear his but seriously.....when you feel miserable and huge you at least wanna feel pretty. I've never been a "guys clothes, baggy" kinda girl.

Pretty flowers from my sister. Nick said he's gonna tell people not to not send them to me since I think they are from him and then he gets in trouble. lol

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