Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ultrasound 35 weeks, 3 days

Outline of girl's face so you can make out the one below it.

Girls profile

Had my ultrasound today to check on the measurements of the babies and blood flow. All is well, however the girl is still measuring small. The boy measures 5lbs 3 ozs and the girl measures 4lbs 14ozs which is at the bottom 10% of the scale. The high risk doc said we could keep measuring her and worrying about her or just schedule to induce at 37 weeks and get her out. I asked her about how the docs keep telling me that they won't do anything until 38 and she said they will once she tells them to. We saw that the girl has lots of hair in there floating around. That was kinda neat. Last time we saw the boy had hair too. The doctor checked my cervix which is flat now and she joked that the baby boys head was so low that she could almost lean over and see him saying hi. lol She said he's very low and that explains why i feel so much pressure when standing and on my bladder. Both babies are in position to be delivered vaginally. The girls head is on top of his head. He's face down and she's face up. She said after the boy is born the girl would most likely turn on her own. She recommended a try at vaginal delivery but that there is always a chance of having to have a csection anyhow or both vaginal and a csection. She said though at this point they are lined up and ready to go. The girl being smaller and second is also good. She said she thinks I'm gonna go into labor on my own before the 37 weeks anyhow and she's also taking me off of the meds. She said I can use them at night if it allows me to get more sleep by making the contractions less. Now I'm scared and excited all at the same time. I guess I should really pack a bag huh? I really hope Nick is here when I need to go. I don't want to have to worry about him being in berks county and getting to the hospital. I don't really want to have any one else take me to the hospital either. I only want my husband seeing me go nuts. lol We'll see how it works out. It's coming to an end....and the babies will be here before we know it. Can't wait to see them! My biggest fear is knowing when to go to the hospital. I almost wish my water would break because then I know it's really it. I've been praying that I know when and that these babies and I have a healthy delivery.

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