Friday, May 2, 2008

Docs Appt May 2, 2008

Well if nothing happens before then, I have an induction date! May 12th. The day after Mother's Day. He said I would call in that morning to labor hall and if they have a bed available, I'd go in and they would start me on pitocin and see how that works to get contractions going. He said he'd give me an epidural when I needed it and if all went well I'd have the babies by the evening. Dr Johnson was the doctor I had today and he's the one that will be at the hospital that day. He's my favorite, so that would work out well if I have to go that long. He scheduled me for a culture and pelvic exam on Tuesday when I'm in for my non-stress test. It's with another doctor but they should know more about how dilated I am then. Blood pressure is still 110/70 and I weighed 127. I had a bunch of questions after I left there and I kinda thought they would check my cervix this time but I guess because people can stay dilated for weeks, it doesn't mean much unless it's very dilated and I should be having a change in my contractions at that point. The right side of my back has been killing me today, I think the lopsided belly has taken it's toll. The girl is out my left side much more than the boy and it's throwing my back outta whack. I still can't believe I'm almost to 36 weeks. Who thought I could carry them this long? I've had so many people praying for me though. I should post a message on the church bulletin to start praying for them to come OUT now. lol

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