Sunday, May 4, 2008

36 Weeks

I certainly didn't think I'd make it this long from the beginning and even over the last few weeks. Nick was always certain I would and I've had lots of prayer to support me. I have had few contractions today. Kinda strange that I go off the meds and have less. I was up a lot yesterday doing things I've wanted to do around the house. I can't exactly scrub the floors but I thought being on my feet more would help get things moving. lol My right ankle is swelling a little again and my back is killing me but nothing else is happening. 

Nick came home from church and asked how we're going to tell the babies apart. I kinda laughed since they are a boy and a girl but he really thought about this and they will be in diapers. I honestly don't think it would even be a question as to who is who. They aren't identical and the girl is going to be smaller. I'm sure they will both have their own look. Least that's what I've imagined. I've never thought of them to look alike. We shall see.

I got things a little more organized in the nursery. I have to figure out how to organize the clothing though. Our new neighbors brought us some clothes and somehow I've gotta get them organized into sizes and boy/girl. I've been told by a couple people now to make sure I have some premie sizes. I have two sleepers each and one onsie each with pants and hats. I guess it's gonna depend of if they grow fast? I can't imagine they are gonna be big. I know I look at newborns who were 6-7 lbs and think how tiny they are. Our babies are 4 and 5lbs. Of course if nothing happens soon, they have another week to grow. The girl only has 2 more ounces to get to 5 lbs. 

I'm starting to freak out a little about the  vaginal vs csection topic. Csection was always in my head since she was never vertex. Half of all twins are delivered by csection. The last thing I want is to experience both. lol I'm praying for wisdom for the doctor that's on call to make the right choice to avoid the double whammie. If I would have to have a section, I'd love to go for it up front instead of delivering one vaginally and having an emergency section for the second. Or going through lots of tiring labor to have a section anyhow. I guess I want the best of both worlds and to know what to expect. The unknown has always been the hardest for me. God knows how it's all gonna transpire but I don't. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robin, been following you all along and am amazed that you're still "with child":) We're still praying and I was so glad to hear your comment that God knows best and I pray that you can rest in that! I know I would be having a really hard time doing that, but it is best!! Hang in there, the best is yet to come! Love you both, Steve and Carolyn