Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farewell Hannah

So Hannah officially left for boot camp. We got to spend some time with the the night before she left. Did I say how much I miss this girl? She has been such a blessing to me. Not just her help with the babies but her sense of humor which made me laugh all the time. I miss that already. And my phone isn't beeping with texts. Nick and I laugh because neither of us like to call people. We'd much rather text. She was upset that the babies won't know her when she returns. I'll tell them about her though. I'm really hoping she gets to come back after boot camp and before she goes to her job school. We will see.

Taylor was a hyper nut as you can see. lol

Hannah and her mom and dad.

The tshirt cracked us up!

Devon and Hannah

They're just friends in case you wondered. lol Dorks.

Her best friends...Lauren, Devon, Hannah and Kate
These are really great kids who have been tons of support for her.
They are missing her greatly!

Here are some pictures
from the party we had for her...


The pretty Patschke sisters :)

Meghan and Jones

How old are these kids? Crack me up.

Nick wondering if anyone wants to play...he seriously was dying to play some sort of sport with all the high school guys around...and they and basketball. He kept asking if anyone had a ball in their car. Any ball will do. lol

Kate, Hannah, Lauren

This is some of Hannah's photography...Kate had it printed for her as a gift.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! It is probably hard to go from seeing and texting someone so often to having to stop cold turkey! I hope she is doing great at boot camp!! :-)