Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ganging Up and Sunday Morning

The babies seemed to gang up on me a little. The day was going really well. I even had some extra time and thought I'd try making them some homemade carrots. I boiled them, put them in my food possessor and filled up a baby jar. I mushed it with my fingers to make sure it was soft enough. I gave each of them a tiny taste to see what they thought. They both gagged like it was horrible. Melanie from PCR (Parent Child Resources) came over for a visit and I showed her the carrots and she said it was plenty mushed up that they probably just don't like the texture but to work with them on it. She said not to mix apple in but to give them a little of applesauce with a little carrots on a spoon. The next day for snack I did just that giving just a spec of carrots with applesauce. Luke started gagging and coughing. Taylor gagged and took it to a whole new level displaying her mommy's gag reflexes. She puked and puked and puked...four times actually and I had no idea that such a little girl could hold so much puke. As I stood her up in her high chair, it ran down her...all over the cushions of the chair and it completely covered her body. I pulled her out and went to clean her up. Basically had to give her a quick sponge bath. Meanwhile, Luke got a hold of the bowl that was on Taylor's tray and started playing in the carrots. So he at least liked the feel of the carrots on his hands...just not in his mouth. I heard him banging the bowl so I walked in a took a few pictures. I left him there to get Taylor some clothes...when I came back he was smearing the carrots all over the tray and on himself. The day had consisted of lots of clothing changes. Luke has been having diarrhea. I think it was just from teething because he's chewing on burp cloths again. It was kinda cute...him playing,not the diarrhea. I hope they don't catch onto ganging up on me like that. Most likely they will.

Okay so like that was really gross when Sissy puked...
wanna play with the carrots?

This morning I was missing my helper Hannah so I was on my own to get the babies fed, dressed and off to church. Woke up at 7 to feed a shower...picked out their clothes, etc. I cheat on Sunday mornings by giving them just a fruit and feed them every other spoonful. It's the fastest way for them to eat. They take forever eating cereal sometimes. I gave them bananas because they love them. All was going super smooth. I had started feeding them at 9:45 to get a jump. Then the bottles...propped sis up in the bouncer with her bottle and fed Luke his. Taylor of course didn't let the moment pass without any drama. She kept throwing her bottle and then I'd break from Luke to set her back was clearly a game for her so I let her sit and finished with Luke and let her finish while I dressed him. I couldn't decide if Luke really needed three layers today. I mean I had a light flannel shirt to go under his sweater but his shirts always ride up and he gets midriff. We all know midriff is not good. lol Right girls?? Anyhow, I put a onsie under and got him all dressed. Put him in the exersaucer and dressed Taylor. At this point I'm thinking, I've got this down. I go out and warm up the car. I hate that our garage is a walk beyond our yard. I miss the days of an attached garage and realize how nice that would be now with babies. Anyhow...I come back in and look at my cell...10:30. Awesome. Church is at 11 and I'm right on. So I strap Taylor into her car seat carrier and put the babies hats on. As I put Luke's on I got a wiff. You've GOT to be kidding me. I lift up his shirt and see his onsie is soaked with poop. Diarrhea none the less. I lift his shirt and sweater up to keep it from touching. Undress him completely...clean him...redress him. I then carried the babies out to the car one at a time and was off to church. I got there 10 minutes early. :) I was proud of myself. The plan was for me to call Nick's cell when I got there and guess who didn't answer. I even called him 5 mins before I got there to give him a heads up. After several attempts...I asked one of the kids in the parking lot to go get Nick for me. Meanwhile, another friend saw me and offered to carry Taylor for me. Frank you're awesome! I was still early. :) It all worked out.

Taylor during her nap. She was tired. :)
She almost always wakes up before Luke.

We had our last visit with Melanie. It was kinda sad but Nick and I thought it was time for her to use the time to help families that needed it more then we do now. We can still call her to ask her questions which is nice. She evaluated the babies. She said Taylor is actually ahead of her milestones now which is really good. I hate saying that though. It really bothers me when people compare kids and brag about them being so far ahead. I know it's good to keep track of where they are but not to be obsess about them meeting the next milestone. I'm pretty laid back about it. When they are ready to do something they will. Sure I'll help some with exercises if there is something they should work on but really....they almost always do it on their own without needing a thing. So why push them? Luke is doing really well with his rolling and pushing up on his arms. He's on all fours every once in awhile but he's not too motivated quite yet. He likes watching Taylor. Melanie said I can work on their grasping so they learn to pick things up with two fingers instead of grabbing so she suggested getting blocks and putting them in a container for them to pull out. I talked to her about foods. She said no egg until they are a year and no peanut butter until 2. She said not to give them regular animal crackers because the legs get stuck and they are a choking hazard. No hotdogs chunks, etc. Heck I can't even get some mushed up carrots in so that's a ways away.

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Abbi said...

your babies are so cute! you had a busy morning! i have a hard enouh time with one little one trying to make it to church on time! i'm very impressed! you go girl!!!