Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Light on the Changing Table

This morning I noticed how pretty the sunlight was peering in the window. I noticed it as I was almost done changing Luke, so I took a few pictures of Luke and then lots more as I changed Taylor. Even though I didn't get a whole lot of shots from Luke, you can certainly see their personality differences. When sitting them up on the changing table they have very different responses. Luke looks a little concerned. Cautious. Looking at me closely to make sure I'm right there. He's not afraid to sit up but it's not as familiar as the floor. Taylor on the other hand, immediately goes for anything she can grab and get into her mouth. No fear of falling and when you do try to restrain her she pushes and grabs with all the more determination. Many times screaming if she can't get her hands on something in her radar. Luke would rather watch her then go through too much effort to get something of his own. Unless it's the crinkle book of course. Then, it's worth fighting for.


Grandma M. said...

Gorgeous babies--Take after their Grandma M as you can see.
I am so proud'
Grandma M

Shelly said...

your babies have the most beautiful blue eyes!