Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Diaper Box & PCR

Is it some kind of sick joke that as the babies get bigger the boxes of diapers have less in them. What kinda game is that? Ya buy this big massive box for $40 and every size they go up, there is less in the box. Like somehow it's supposed to make me feel better to pay $40 bucks for that box no matter how many diapers are in it. To me it just means I have to go buy more boxes more often. Taylor is a 2 and Luke is a 3. It's been like this for quite some time. It means Taylor goes through a box in 33 days and Luke goes through a box in 29 days. I guess that doesn't seem as bad as 24 diapers less in that size 3 box! It is crazy to me when I think that they go through approximately 420 diapers a month. And I'm not quick to change just any diaper. There are mom's who change them when they pee. I can't imagine how many diapers they go through. The hospital taught us the routine of changing them at feeding time and I've stuck with it. I don't have time to check for pee. lol I change them every 3 hours on the dot when they eat and if they poop, I get them out of the nasty as soon as I can. 

Something else I learned. It makes me mad because I just looked into this. You can claim points from the Pampers website. I have all my boxes still so once I had the chance to figure out where the number is, I was going to enter them. Well.........the number is on the darn bags inside the boxes. Yeah.....I threw all those away with the diapers except for two unopened boxes. That stinks. Yeah....well.

I'm continuing to coupon it up. I spent $98 at the grocery store last week and I saved $36. No lie. I had to show Nick so he believed me. I will stretch our money the best I can.

Melanie from PCR came tonight and it was nice to have her do some hands on things with the babies and teach us some things to help them. They are doing really well and both of them are on schedule developmentally except for Luke not rolling. He's getting there though and she showed us some ways to help him strengthen his back. She also noticed how strong Taylor's legs are and told us to try strengthening her upper arms so she can progress to crawling upright instead of the army crawl using her leg strength. She showed us some stretches for them and talked to us about some of the next stages. She said we'll be seeing stranger anxiety and their need to have a parent in their sight. She said that's a normal stage that they will grow out of. She said games like peek-a-boo can help them know you're there or soon there even when they can't see you. Miss Taylor has been testing this one out. She has days where she will scream and cry when she can't see me and she wants held. Luke likes to follow me with his eyes but he can go much  longer without getting upset. He can play and be content for the most part. 

I talked to her about schedule and how any change in it has a night and next days worth of grumpiness. For the babies and for Nick and I. lol She has boy girl twins and she said she had the same thing happen. Saturday night Luke slept in the car both ways to and from Gettysburg and he was in a deep sleep when we got home. Taylor slept on the way up but was awake on the way home. We fed them, on time, put them to bed on time, Luke tossed and turned and then was up screaming at 2am, I carried the swing into the bedroom, this worked for a little until he woke up again...crying until 5 when we fed him. Eventually it woke Taylor too, which it's always a joy to have two screaming babies when you're dead tired. Poor Nick got home at 1:30 from a Men's retreat, so he got a good 1/2 hour, I was awake in bed waiting for Nick to come home. lol Then I tried to sleep in and Luke was not having that. I talked to Melanie about naps and she said to absolutely get them on a napping schedule. I told her Taylor takes cat naps and Luke takes one longer afternoon nap. She said even if it's scheduled "down" time and they don't sleep the whole time. This sounds great but once again, that gets changed when we go somewhere and it's another thing to work around. She said once they start eating solids and being able to go longer between eating, things will get easier as far as getting out without the consequences. I've read lots of places that schedules make happier babies, kids and even parents. Jon & Kate + 8 talked about how their kids even at 3 know what's next throughout the day and keeping to it makes for more peaceful days. We hear that. I can't imagine what that was like for them with twins and sextuplets when they were in the early stages. She pumped breast milk initially which means feeding 6 babies every 2 hrs. That's just nuts. Watching that show makes me look at two and say, no problem. :)


amrisser said...

Robin--the diaper thing is truly nuts. We haven't had to buy diapers for Liam yet, thanks to friends and family, but it is coming. Through my research, i have found the best price and diaper is LUV's bought at BJ's wholesale. There is a box of 250+ (depending their size) :) for something like $31. I too change diapers at meal time and poopy time, so drew only gets a change like 4-5 times a day, while liam is like 8. Craziness, I know. I LOVE luv's diapers, my kids pee'ed through all others, and they smell great too, and have a good price tag...the down fall: coupons are hard to come by for them, and you can't get them a lot of places!!! Happy diapering!!!

Lisa said...

I too, a mother of boy/girl twins. Mine are now almost 8.
After having two single births, I relied on the fact that God wouldn't give me more than I could handle.

Love every minute of it, the time goes by so fast.