Friday, October 10, 2008

Going Bananas

Taylor immediately cheeses when she gets in the "big girl chair"

They both finished their bowls today!

Luke is getting the hang of it......he actually dives for the spoon sometimes when he gets excited. He does still like to take his time tasting it and moving it in his mouth. 
Taylor on the other hand is can't get more fast enough.

Cheese! lol

This is the second time he's fallen asleep right after his last bite. It's tough being a big boy. 

It's 12:45AM and I just finished separating, packing and freezing 23lbs of meat. Kennies had their meat sale today. I saved $65 with that sale and coupons. Should last us a while. :) At least the meat will. I also realized I'm allergic to lysol cleaning spray. Man that stuff is deadly to breathe. 

Anyhow, the babies really seem to like bananas. Much better than applesauce. They both made sour faces at the applesauce but the bananas they love.

Good times.

Off to take a hot bath and SLEEP.

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Grandma McGlaughlin said...

Grandma agrees--mealtime is the bestest time of all--yum, yum. I am glad that "eating" time makes you happy too!
Grandma McG