Monday, July 28, 2008


I love schedules. They make me feel like things are under control. I never was a schedule person. But now I've learned that schedules work. When the schedule is kept, the babies are happy and I'm happy. I can better get things done and the babies both hungry when I expect them to be. It's a win win. Of course I know there are instances when the schedule gets shifted. But I don't like it. lol It sorta panics me. I know they when it's on it works. It has been working so well and now we decided to try to change it. :( Nick suggested we try changing our schedule because he is feeling rushed in the morning and to see if the babies will sleep longer. So we tried it last night. I'm so tired. Any sort of change for me is tough on my sleep. I think Nick is feeling it as well today. We'll see how it goes...

This has been the schedule for about a month now I'd say:

8:30-9:30/10 I wake up to feed them. Then I play with them because they are VERY awake.
I put the babies in the swing and bouncer in the bathroom and take a shower. Bring babies downstairs and check my email for freelance.

11:30-12:30/1 Feed them. Taylor gets her medicine. Eat lunch. This is sometimes when they nap the best. (Freelance, Dishes, Laundry)

2:30-3:30/4 Feed them. Play with them. (Freelance, Dishes, Laundry)

5:30-6:30 Feed them. Dinner (Pack Nick's lunch, Freelance, Dishes, Laundry)

8:30-9:30 Feed them, Taylor gets her medicine. Nick helps with this one so sometimes it's only until 9. Sometimes they get baths after this.

9:30/10 or so Bedtime, we usually play with them a little when they are in their cribs...I then take a bath, clean up around the house from the day. I usually end up in bed by 11. Nick goes to bed with the babies. lol As soon as he can.

Somedays I get nothing done other than tending to the babies, other days I'm able to do freelance, dishes, laundry and this blog. lol

1:30-2:30/3:00 Feed the babies. Lights low. Go back to bed.

5:30-6:30 Nick feeds the babies and I'm able to sleep through the feeding! Well I try anyhow.

The I wake up at 8:30 to do it all again! I liked this schedule. I felt rested.

Nick's thought is that he'll start the middle of the night feeding and then we'll let them sleep until they wake in the morning, when I'll feed them. That way we can let them go longer and longer if they can the first and second stretch at night. Makes sense. This morning, they were ready to eat at 6.........UGH........I'd rather do a 1:30 feeding then 6. I know Nick would much rather take the 6.....oh the sacrifices. lol Hopefully this will move the babies to sleeping longer.

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