Monday, March 3, 2008

Docs Appt Feb 29 2008, Swelling, Massage

Ali & I (27 weeks)

Now I'm going to the doctor every 2 weeks which makes me feel better. :) They checked the babies heartbeats and as usual the girls was a little faster. They measured me and I measure 29 centimeters which she said is in the normal range. Women with single babies usually measure the amount of centimeters equal to the number of weeks pregnant. Twins of course measure more. I had 6 contractions in the car on the way to the docs appt so they wanted to make sure they weren't doing anything. They hooked me up to a fetal monitor for a half an hour and of course the contractions stopped. lol I was to push a button every time they kicked which was constantly between the two of them. We could hear their heart beats and them swishing all over the place in there. Blood pressure was good still as well. And I gained another pound and a at 118.

I've been swelling in my ankles now. Usually when I'm on them I pay later. For some reason this am my right ankle really aches and is swelled. I woke up that way and it hasn't gone down much yet. My right wrist is throbbing too but it's not swollen, I think it's just carpal tunnel acting up.

We go to a baby CPR class tonight and then a Baby Care class Thursday night. We're almost done with all the classes. :)

I went to get a massage that mom treated me to since the doc recommended it. I won't go into detail about it. lol It really felt good for my sinuses. That night I had ligament pain so I'm not sure if it irritated it or not. After I had the massage I felt like I was going to pass out and the lady made me drink a bottle of water and relax before I left. I felt like that all night then. Even though they don't do deep tissue massage when you're pregnant it still released oxygen into my blood and made me off balance. She did give me some suggestions for sleeping. She said to elevate the bed, get breathing strips, and eat protein before bed. So I'm going to try those things since they are relatively simple and cheap. :)

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