Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby Shower & Nursery Progress

What can I say, Nick and I have a ton of people that love us. We had 80 at our baby shower. It was pleasantly overwhelming. I felt how I did at our wedding. Having so many people you care about from all different places in one room is a pretty awesome feeling. I really wish I could have had time to talk to everyone and introduce my parents to so many people who I talk about. They had me on a mission to open gifts and quickly. I was so exhausted! I was up with braxton hicks contractions all night then. I'm glad they planned the shower now because I'm not sure how I would have been able to handle it a month from now. And yes I did know ahead of time. There were actually three little birdies. lol My sister came down and helped me organize yesterday. There is still a lot to do but we got the nursery looking like a nursery. I'm getting excited now. I FINALLY got my tree done and it's seeming like things are happening now. People were very generous to us and the stuff it just so cute.

Lots of presents for baby boy and girl!

Jill, me, Nick & Jody

Full Nashville Fire Hall of friends & family

Girls I've had and have in small groups (3 are missing) They are very special to me. :)

Twin Balloons

Chocolate Favor

Diaper Cake that my sister made

The tree is finally done and no more Robin on a ladder!

One of the birdhouses on the tree, we have 2 more to hang yet.

Bunnies on door

Closet after Shower

Crib and New Shutters

Dresser top

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